Sunday, October 7, 2007

supernanny Jo Frost is NOT breastfeeding-informed!

Oh, where do I begin?

I know.....let's start with this complete and total rubish:

(Frost's new book) "Confident Baby Care" recommends breastfeeding mothers consider introducing a formula feed between six weeks and three months - against the Plunket ideal of exclusive breastfeeding at this age - as formula will fill babies up more so they sleep longer.

WTF? Are you kidding me? Why is it that someone who has never raised a child, let alone BREASTFED one, feels knowledgeable enough to hand out this kind of advice?

PLEASE, if anyone can compose a letter addressing this issue, forward it to me to post here!


Pagan Witch said...

What the fuck is she talking about? This is just another person trying to oppress the breastfeeding mother...

FYI said...

Actually, Jo Frost does have a child that keeps out of the public eye, whom she had when she was young. So yes she has raised and breastfed a child, and also has worked with many families who have had infants and worked with them through the breastfeeding stage. Maybe her advice is what she has seen in her 20+ years experience of working with children, msotly infants!

Lactationista said...

I am an RN-IBCLC, I am the group leader of a local mommy's milk meetup from this is a group to support breastfeeding mothers. I just received this:

The following message was sent to you by a member
(Note, they're not a member of your Meetup.)

* It was sent to you by: Sarah Donaldson (User ID: user 2633187)

* Sarah Donaldson requested a response. To respond simply reply
to this email. (Note that when you reply, Sarah Donaldson will
have your email address.)

What Sarah Donaldson wrote:

I was wondering if you would be able or interested in posting
these events on your website to alert your parents/member to an
opportunity to meet The Supernanny, Jo Frost! I could even send
you a book as a thank you after the event!! Thanks so much!

Meet Jo Frost, star of ABC?s hit show ?Supernanny? and author
of Confident Baby Careat these BABIES R' US locations!

This is my response:
Jo Frost will not be plugged here. This is a support group for breastfeeding mothers and Jo Frost's advice on breastfeeding in her book is incorrect and does nothing to help the breastfeeding relationship of a mother and child. If she ever changes her advice to being evidence based rather than opinion based, I would be happy to think again about my position.