Friday, May 30, 2008

WHO Code Violation Protest----Please Help!


Hi It only takes a minute to copy and send this message to the appropriate people and to forward to others.

I sent this message to these 3 people:

Dear Owennie,

I demand that 'The Infant Feeding Maze' talk scheduled for June 12, 2008 in Burnaby, BC Canada be cancelled as it violates Article 7.3 of the WHO Code.


(insert full name, city, and postal code here)

Thanks, girls !-Emma(KM)


Dear Friends,

We need your help to stop Nestle's plans to give a wine and dine infant feeding talk (June 12, 2008) to health professionals in B.C. As you know, we stopped the formula companies from doing this more than 10 years ago but Nestle is now in B.C. and is trying to do it again. We have a 95% breastfeeding rate in B.C. because we work hard to protect breastfeeding from the commercial pressures to artificially feed.Attached is Nestle's invitation. We are asking that concerned people throughout B.C., Canada and internationally email Nestle to let them know we will not put up with marketing that violates the WHO Code.

Please email Oweenie Lee (email address on the invitation) requesting (?demanding) that this talk be cancelled as it violates Article 7.3 of the Code. Emails can be short as Nestle already know they are not allowed to do this. If you have a problem getting through to Oweenie, you can send your email to Catherine.OBrien@ca.Nestle .

Catherine works for Corporate Affairs, Nestle. Please send me a copy of your letter so I can measure the momentum. (Renee Hefti )

Your emails will be forwarded to the B.C. Minister of Health as the B.C. Government has endorsed the Code, and so has the Health Authority where the talk is scheduled.

If the talk is not cancelled, we will notify the public and demonstrate on site on June 12, 2008.

Your email can help to make a difference - email me if you have more questions.

Renee Hefti

Sincerely,Renee Hefti - GrahamRN / Lactation Consultant



Please RSVP to Owennie Lee by Monday, June 2, 2008 at 1-(800) 563-7853 ext.7066 or

Please indicate menu choice (chicken, fish or vegetarian) and kindly note any food allergies.

Reception & Cocktails……………6:00 pm
Dinner & Presentation……………7:00 – 8:30 pm
Question & Answer to Follow

Thursday, June 12, 2008
The Hilton Metrotown (Waterford Room)
6083 McKay Avenue,

Presented by Owennie Lee, Registered Dietitian

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