Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ty Pennington: Endorsing Formula

I am just very very disappointed to learn that one of my very favorite television stars, Ty Pennington is teaming up with Similac, and has created a "Design Your Nursery Guide".


This is just wrong on so many levels.

Number one, why is Similac seeking out celebrities to endorse their product? Advertising formula has been looked down on over and over and OVER again, why are they spending MORE money for MORE advertising?

Number two, why Ty Pennington? He's obviously 100% uninformed about formula, and has NO business advertising it!!!! I am very happy he's decided to have a contest for moms are in need of a nursery, but teaming up with a formula company???? I just don't see the point at all.

Similac has a brand new product, which they are anxious to sell. The site is littered with lies. The false advertising is still there, as always. Some examples:

Similac Advance Early Shield: Closer than ever to breast milk.
Early Shield: Designed to be more like breast milk and to support a strong immune system.
Similac Advance: Has DHA and ARA, ingredients shown to help baby's brain and eyes develop.

The new product comes in a fancy new flip-top container, and there in the middle, is Ty Pennington, grinning and happily trying to sell this product without even knowing anything about it.

I think I will have to withdraw my support. I have lost all respect for him.


mother in israel said...

I have a post where I mention Similac's activities in Israel.

The Anti-Blogger said...

You are an overzealous nutcase.