Monday, May 25, 2009

When time is just as precious as your little one.

The Baby Bottle Swaddle was borne out of a real need to feed my infant at times when

one hand was fixing dinner...

one hand was answering the phone...

one hand was cleaning...

one hand was...

...running out of hands is the norm for every mother.

The all new, revolutionary BABY BOTTLE SWADDLE* functions as that extra hand to aid parents--and yes, dad's will love it, too--when life won't stop for you to feed your little one.
What We Do
The BABY BOTTLE SWADDLE is an infant feeding accessory designed for the busy parent.

Easy to Use
One-hand Operation
Breast- or Bottle-feeding
Machine Washable
Our product is made of soft, colorful material that will delight and captivate your baby while feeding under your supervision**.

Great Conversation Piece
Impress Your Friends
Amaze Your Spouse
We offer a wide variety of decorative patterns from which to choose:

See available colors page

Custom pattern of your choice is possible provided the material is available to us through our distributor. Please email for more details.

* Patent Pending (USPO 2008).

** This product is NOT intended to replace adult supervision while feeding your infant. Do NOT leave child unattended

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Rachel said...

This makes me sooooo sad. My 3 kids, all of whom were nursed until there were FIVE years old, are now 19, 13, and 9. That time went soooo fast. NOTHING would make me want to strap them in a stroller with a bottle attached to do something else. Of course, now, I would like to strap them to rockets and send them through a window...but that's another story (LOL). I desperately miss when they were my little nurslings. Your blog is cool.