Thursday, July 9, 2009

Choices and Guilt and Jr High School Bully Tactics

Written by Dani Arnold-McKenny
Reprinted with permission

Why is it that people feel the need to resort to insults and swearing? I realize that parenting involves a huge amount of decisions and most parents base their choices on their own past and the influences of their family and friends. AND that nothing cause more debate than the choices in parenting that each mother and father has to make. Where there is discussion, there is debate. where there is debate, there is arguments..... FINE! I get it.

But why do people who have made their decisions feel the need to scream and throw tantrums and play junior highschool school yard games?!?

OK i'm going to be blunt and just come out and say this:

Why is it that people who make choices that are NOT based on facts and research, are the worst offenders when it comes to mud slinging?! Be it Breastfeeding and formula feeding, circumcision debates, natural birthing vs interventions and elective C/Sections, CIO or AP parenting....... I'm sorry but the facts are the facts. If you don't want to know the facts, or are happy in the decisions you've made Regardless of the facts, then fine- it's your decision to make. But don't come screaming after me calling names and swearing and making horrifying allegations just because I am stating the facts!!!! If you're satisfied with your decisions then be satisfied that youre doing what you want to do. But don't call me a breast nazi, because I'm posting information about breastfeeding that is based on solid facts that are accepted world wide by every single major health organization!!

.....If you're feeling guilty because you KNOW that you didn't make the right decision, then don't yell at me. Own up to it and accept it. and make changes that will ease your guilt. Deal with it. Dont' sling mud at others just because you can't face up to your own mistakes or poor decisions.

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