Thursday, March 18, 2010

Breastfeeding Twins

Nursing M and J

Nichole's story:

Before I had the boys everyone thought I was nuts that I did want to nurse. My aunt who is a nurse told me it was too hard with one I wouldn't really be able to do it. The boys were born @ 36 weeks bc I was in a lot of pain with my upper baby turning breech. When they took me in for the c section I told people I didn't want them to have a bottle at all. Well, their sugar was really really low and I was throwing up so they tried a bottle but neither of them really sucked so that was the end of that. In the hospital I would feel what was like a blur because I was so tired from having them in the room and getting no sleep since they had put me on bedrest 2 months before. But every time I fed the babies I would pump. Literally everytime. My milk came in 2 days later probably from all the feeding and pumping.
So the boys started losing a little weight but nothing too bad but you know, the pediatricians freak you out so I started getting scared, and their jaundice wasn't going away and my one guy hurt so bad! But his tongue was on the roof of his mouth. So we got that fixed but I was still paranoid so they told me to get fenugreek. By now I'm obsessed with breastfeeding.
There was one day where I apparently wasn't eating or drinking well or just drying up? My boys just sucked and sucked for hours. Screaming! Well, my grandma started screaming @ me because the boys didn't know how to take a bottle. I didn't handle that well. So I went out and got goats rue and it helped a lot! Now I'm still taking it and refuse to go off of it. So, things have been great. I stopped attempting to tandem feed because they were like 3 months old and they started fighting. Every once in a while I will try. Its a little awkward.
I will have to say at first because I was so tired being away from my fiance I would wake up in the middle of the night and catch myself nursing my pillows!
I have learned from Janet that sometimes its just easier to let them sleep with you. So I kicked my fiance out of bed and they now sleep with me. They are awesome little men and are very much mommas boys but that's ok because I like it that way!


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