Monday, May 17, 2010

I am a Lactivist, NOT anti-formula or bottle-feeding

I am a Lactivist, NOT anti-formula or bottle-feeding
by Marissa Dean

I am sick of being labelled as "anti-bottle feeding" or "anti-formula" because I am an lactivist. Lets get something straight, most of us lactivists have nothing against a mother who is bottle-feeding or using formula. Here is what we do have issues with:

1. Formula companies agressive ad campaigns, especially in 3rd world countries.
2. Formula companies who make false claims that their brand is the closest to breastmilk, which is impossible nothing even comes close.
3. Formula companies who give out free samples.
4. Doctors who promote Formula
5. Nurses and Doctors who claim to be pro-bfing but as soon as you have a bump in the road, they suggest going to the bottle instead of helping the mother get past that bump.
6. Family members who have a problem with bfing who harrass and convince a new mother that bottle feeding is easier, just as good, or better than the breast.
7. People who think bfing is sexual abuse
8. People who think bfing past 6 months or 12 months is "disgusting"
9. People who tell a woman who is bfing to go some where else
10. People who think bfing is obscene but will happily by a copy of Rolling Stone with a half naked woman and the front and think that is socially acceptable.


Holly Homemaker said...

Amen sister!

BB said...

Totally agree. One mother I know was struggling to breast feed her one week old baby and the health nurse said "Put that baby on a bottle". So she did. I also know mothers who have been given formula in hospitals because they are told their babies aren't gaining enough weight.

Chantal said...

Thank-you for this. I feel exactly the same way and have not been able to articulate it so well.

Amber said...

People who put an age cap on breastfeeding AT ALL! Let the child be.

Thank you for this.

Yes, yes and YES!

Dasha said...

Yes, yes, and yes!! Breast is best!

Reverend Boony said...

Well said miss dean...I couldnt agree with you more on this.

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