Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Facebook Update

Facebook is still deleting breastfeeding photographs and deleting accounts, which leads me to believe that they're not even looking at all the reported pictures. Facebook claims that they do not specifically remove all breastfeeding photos, but only ones that violate TOS.

The "Hey, Facebook! Breastfeeding is not obscene!" petition reached 20,000 members today! It is amazing to have so much world wide support! I think the group will continue to grow. There are ideas discussed on the forum boards on how to deal with the photo deletions from facebook. Some want to notify facebook's sponsers and advertisers, others suggest a boycott, or mass flooding of mail.

I am proud to be a part of such a group!

Meanwhile, after a flurry of media activity last week, the attention seems to have waned some. I did 3 radio interviews, a television interview, as well as features in the Edmonton Sun and Calgary Herald. Those stories were picked up by other newspapers as well. I was contacted by a gentleman from the BBC and will be returning his email tomorrow.

If anyone would still like to join the facebook protest group, it is at There are now 1000 beautiful breastfeeding photographs posted in the gallery. I browse through the new ones each evening.....there really is a wonderful collection of pictures!


David said...

Hi - I just wrote about this on my own blog - I called Facebook to get their position etc. I found your blog via Americablog.

Seriously, is this the pic they banned? What brought it about?

And how do you know they're still banning pics?

kgirl said...

Just wanted to lend you and all of my nursing sisters my support. I wouldn't say that things are cooling down just yet; with boobs (ha ha) like Bill Maher around, the 'debate' will surely continue.

Btw - the picture is beautiful.