Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Sydney Morning Herald

Here is a link to the article in a Sydney newspaper that spawned all the comments on the previous post from August 27, 2007.


Emeraldgreen said...

Hi, i got to your blog through

Its so ridiculous that facebook have a problem with breastfeeding but have no problem with the countless pro anorexic groups on there.

Their logic really is battling!

Charlynn said...

I agree. If facebook has a problem with breastfeeding pics, then fine so be it-not that I agree, I think it's ridiculous for anyone to have a problem with them!-but rules are rules.

My issue is that there are so many other groups on there that are just horrible (misogynistic groups, pro-anorexia????, porn groups, people with pornographic profile pics-just to name a few) Why are those groups/pictures not being taken down? Why are they not being punished for breaking the rules too?

Charlynn said...

Plus, I think that the rules of facebook are kind of wonky anyway. Like someone else said (I can't remember where) if it is illegal in certain states to discriminate against breastfeeding in public, then why isn't it illegal to discriminate online?