Friday, June 19, 2009

Did you know breastmilk can cure these?

Breastfeeding has its many benefits for not only the baby, but also the mother. Actually, it can have some great benefits for others in the household as well. Here is a list of a few breastmilk uses that you may not even be aware of.

Eye problems/conjunctivitis - Pumping some breastmilk and then using a dropper, drop a few drops of breastmilk in the affected eye or eyes. I had conjunctivitis once when I was breastfeeding and my doctor did not want to give me the eye drops that he had given the rest of my family to cure it, because of the fact that I was nursing. I was on antibiotics at the time for a sinus infection and he said that eventually, the antibiotic would also take care of the eye problem as well. I didn't want to wait until eventually though so I started putting breastmilk in my eyes right away. I put about six or seven drops in each eye about four times a day the first two days. By the middle of the second day, it didn't look or feel as if I even had an eye infection. I also did this for my kids that had the eye infection and even the ones that didn't. Everyone that had eye infections cleared up almost immediately. The one child and my husband that did not get the infection originally did not get it at all since they were using the breastmilk as a preventative measure.

Skin rashes/diaper rashes - Placing breastmilk on rashes will help to clear it up much quicker than the over the counter remedies. If the baby gets frequent diaper rashes, doing this as a preventative measure can help to prevent the baby from any further discomfort. Using breastmilk on eczema is also very beneficial and can help an outbreak. Just the feel of the breastmilk on the rash is very soothing. You can actually feel it healing.

Nasal congestion - If the baby, or anyone for that matter, has some nasal congestion due to a cold or allergy, breastmilk can help to clear up the problem. Dropping a few drops in each nostril can help to clear the congestion. Breastmilk has immunological properties and can actually kill the cold germ in progress much faster than waiting it out or any over the counter remedy can.

Sore or cracked skin - Breastfeeding moms know that the best remedy for sore and cracked nipples due to breastfeeding is applying some breastmilk right to the problem areas. This is also true for any other area of the body with dry and cracked skin. It moisturizes as well as kills germs. It can help to heal cracked skin in the blink of an eye.

Warts - I have read that using breastmilk can clear up a wart. I have not tried this one myself but I do believe what I have read. It certainly is worth a shot if you have some breastmilk in the house.

So you see, there are many benefits to being a nursing mom or having one in your household. The power of breastmilk is incredible and every day, new uses are being found. Almost any ailment can be cured with a little breastmilk. It does wonders for your baby's health, as well as the mother's health, so why not for the other family members as well?

I stopped nursing my son a few months ago when he was a year and a half. I am dreading winter coming because that is illness season around here. I used breastmilk to help every cold and eye issue last winter and now I am dry. Trust me, it worked so if you have the need, try it, you will like the results that you see.


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