Friday, June 19, 2009

Woman donates breast milk to her father in bid to help him beat cancer
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:50 PM on 12th June 2009

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A daughter is giving her own breast milk to her father in the hope it will help him beat cancer.
Georgia Browne, 27, expresses her milk after feeding her own baby son - and delivers it from Bristol to her parents' home in Wiltshire.
Her father Tim Browne, 67, mixes the breast-milk with regular milk and uses it as part of his breakfast in a bid to boost his immune system in his fight against colon and liver cancer.
Milk of human kindness: Georgia Browne is giving her father Tim her breast milk to boost his immune system in the fight against cancer
Now, one month after starting to share the milk of human kindness with his grandson, scans show that Tim's cancer had improved.
Georgia, of Bristol, said: 'We are quite an open family and I don't find it strange at all.
'I'm just glad to help. My mum Carole and siblings are right behind it.
'In fact, the whole family thinks it's quite funny and Dad told all his friends.'
The family decided that breast is best after Georgia saw a TV documentary about the health benefits of breast milk.
She researched the idea on the internet before suggesting it to her ailing father.
Georgia said: 'I watched a show presented by Kate Garraway where an American man with prostate cancer drank breast milk from a milk bank.
'He mixed it with milkshake and swore that drinking it every day had reduced his tumours.
'I thought it was a really mad idea if it was true.
'Finding out I could help was amazing and when we talked about it, Dad agreed it was a worth a go.
'He would literally try anything to get better.'

'Not a big deal'
Tim was diagnosed with cancer in July 2007 after he was rushed to hospital with stomach pains just a week before Georgia's wedding.
He had an emergency operation to remove a tumour and was allowed out in time to walk his daughter down the aisle.
A year of chemotherapy put the disease in remission but it returned when Georgia was pregnant with her first child.
Tim Browne said he feels a special bond with daughter Georgia
Baby Monty was just a month old when Georgia saw the documentary and decided to try it for herself.
Georgia said: 'We are a very close family and we're quite eccentric so it wasn't a big deal.
'My sister is still breast feeding herself but she didn't have enough milk to feed him too.'
Mum-of-one Georgia expresses the milk and delivers it to her parents' home in Wiltshire.
Her mum Carole, 66, pops it in the freezer and then defrosts it for Tim's cereal breakfast.

'Special bond'
Tim, a retired teacher, said: 'The milk is not unpleasant but slightly pungent and oily.
'But once it is mixed with cow's milk, I can't taste it. My first reaction to trying this was, why not?
'If I have a lactating daughter, why not take advantage of her, as long as Monty didn't mind.
'I do feel like I have a special bond with Georgia and Monty.'
U.S. researchers claims that a breast milk can cure cancer in children and Tim's doctors have supported the unconventional treatment.
A scan showed his terminal cancer had improved but it cannot be proved if this was due to the breast boost or his chemotherapy.
Georgia said: 'There's no way of really finding out if it's helping but we'll continue as long as I am breast feeding.
'It feels like I'm doing the most natural thing for the people I love.
'Not many women can say their dad drinks their breast milk.

'But I would do anything to give my dad more time with me, our family and Monty.'

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