Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things to Do With Your Extra Breastmilk

Recipes, Remedies and Cures
Most mothers who pump milk for their babies keep extra in the freezer just in case of emergency. Breastmilk does not stay good in the freezer forever, however. What do you do with the breastmilk that you do not use? It would be a shame for it to go to waste. Here are some tips and tricks from other mothers on what you can do with your frozen breastmilk leftovers.

Freeze breastmilk in ice cube trays. Once frozen, pop out the breastmilk cubes and store them in a zip-top freezer bag. You can go back to your stash from time to time when you need some and take only one cube of breastmilk at a time rather than heat up an entire bag of milk for one small application.

To treat an insect sting, take a frozen cube of breastmilk and apply it to the sting area. Hold it there until melted.

Breastmilk cures pinkeye (conjunctivitis). Just express a little breastmilk or thaw one of your cubes and rinse your eye with it several times a day.

If your baby is teething, wrap a cube or two of frozen breastmilk in a thin washcloth and secure it tightly with a heavy rubber band. Let baby chew and suck on the cube. It will taste good as it melts and the cold will make baby's gums feel better.

To treat diaper rash or yeast infections, give baby (or yourself) a bath in warm water mixed with lots of breastmilk. The milk is soothing to the skin and will also help to kill the infection. Milk baths will also soften your skin.

Breastmilk can be used to treat acne and soften your skin. Apply to skin in the evenings before bed or mix into a facial mask and apply. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes before rinsing.

Breastmilk can cure an ear infection. Melt one of your frozen cubes and use a medicine dropper to gently squirt it into the ear canal several times a day.

Breastmilk makes a great ingredient for toddlers' popsicles. When you freeze your own popsicles at home, add breastmilk to the recipe instead of water. You can also freeze plain milk popsicles.

Breastmilk can cure all types of infection. Use it to treat cuts, bruises, scrapes, and minor infections. You can apply breastmilk to your baby's cord stump or to a circumcision wound. Breastmilk can also be used on burns and to soothe chicken pox itch.

Breastmilk makes great soap. If you are crafty or if you like soapmaking, use your extra expressed breastmilk to create a soothing soap for your family.

Check your local hospitals to see if they accept donated breastmilk. You will need to fill out some paperwork and your breastmilk will have to still be good. You cannot donate old milk. Many mothers are in need of breastmilk, especially if they have a premature baby and their breastmilk has not yet come in.

If no hospitals in your area accept donated breastmilk, you may still be able to find someone to take it. Poorer mothers may wish to feed their babies breastmilk instead of formula. Check or ask if you can post a notice at the hospital letting other mothers know that you have breastmilk that you are willing to donate for free.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the article, I never knew we can use our breast milk for so many things, I always thought it's only for the baby. Thank you for the informative article once again.

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Laticha Barton said...

Great article, I just don't like the last paragraph. "poorer" mothers? Poorly worded. There are many reasons moms need donor milk, not just their economic status. It just sounds unpleasant. I think a mother providing the best thing for a mother that can't or maybe one that is not able to produce enough milk is just amazing. That was me! I had a wonderful free babysitter who would overfeed my dd and I couldn't seem to pump enough. I received donor milk and was so grateful! my new babysitter actually nurses my daughter. She is one of my best friends and we have babies a month apart! It has been a lifesaver. and she eats way healthier than me :) Anyway, I know you agree, just wanted to point it out. Keep doing what you're doing. such a great informative article; cant wait to try the ice cube washcloth. My little just cut her first tooth!...i know you can't tell but I never leave comments. sorry for rambling...thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

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Kat Robertson said...

How silly would it look if my husband walked in on me rubbing bm on my face straight from the tap! LoL

Kat Robertson said...

How silly would it look if my husband walked in on me rubbing bm on my face straight from the tap! LoL

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cand jim said...

Laticha is right the word poorer is a bad choice. I liked the article but why are there so many Adverts in the comments? no I don't want a breast lift, no I don't want laser skin treatments. what is with that!!

neha rani said...

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