Monday, January 25, 2010

Breastfeeding Tips from 'Medical Abortion Clinic'???

Breastfeeding Do's and Don'ts

A lot of people say that breastfeeding is one of the most natural means to express love between mother and child. Yet despite the consideration that breastfeeding is next to natural, many women still practice breastfeeding in a manner that is not what the process was envisioned to be. In this aspect, it is important for one to be aware of the proper and improper ways of breastfeeding.

Proper Breastfeeding methods

1)During the first week of pregnancy, a woman must feed her baby at least 15 times in a day. This is because the mother’s milk is the only source of nutrition for the baby. As a result, there is a need to frequently feed the baby. However, after the first week of the baby’s life, a woman need not feed her baby that frequent: six to eight feedings in a day is usually enough.

2)Another trademark of proper breastfeeding is to feed the baby whenever the baby demands to be feed. This way, one will avoid the baby becoming hungry. One should not be conscious about the spacing of each feeding time; when pregnant, it is impossible to keep a routine. This is the reason why a mother must be prepared anytime to feed her baby.

3)During each breastfeeding session, the breasts must feel empty. This means that the breasts used to breastfeed is emptied of all its milk, thus making sure that the next time that the baby demands to be feed, only fresh milk will be given. As a sign that the baby is properly feed, the bay must urinate frequently. It is common to have the baby wetting at least eight times in a day.

4)Another sign of proper breastfeeding is cradling the baby with both arms very close to one’s chest with the baby’s mouth directly on the breast used for feeding. This way, the baby will be at a very comfortable position during breastfeeding while preventing the mother from experiencing too much strain.

5)Another sign of proper breastfeeding is to alternate between breasts. It is not considered wise to focus only on one breast for the entire feeding session. This will cause a strain on the affected breast and may cause an imbalance between the breasts.

Improper Breastfeeding methods

1)One of the most common mistakes that mothers make when breastfeeding is feeding the baby while the bay is lying in bed. According to experts, this situation creates the possibility that the milk may not go down immediately and may cause choking.

2)Another mistake that women do when breastfeeding is to stick to a routine. This is rather a danger because it poses the risk of the baby going hungry if the mother religiously sticks to the routine.

3)As a manifestation of improper breastfeeding, one must look for things like the color of the infant’s bowel. If it is dark in color or if there is an irregular bowel movement, then there is a good chance that the baby is not properly or regularly fed.

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Once again, I must post the comments in a response from Lactivist Helen Schwalme:

Did anyone even read this article before they posted it?... See More
1. How can a mother breastfeed 15 times in her first week of pregnancy???
2.There is no set number of times a baby needs to be fed in a day whether in the first week of life or thereafter. A baby should be allowed access to the breast on demand. A baby can also be at the breast for 15 times a day but if he is not drinking he could be there 100 times and still get nothing. The same infant, drinking well could be at the breast only 7 times…numbers are not relevant or appropriate
3.Breasts are never empty even after the baby has fed well. Some women with good milk supply never feel their breasts are full so how can they know that their breasts are empty?? Research shows that after a baby has “emptied” the breast it still contains 25-35% milk.
4.Your point number 5 does not make any sense at all.
5.Lying down to nurse is not only completely safe and appropriate but very helpful to new mothers who are sleep deprived. There is no more risk of choking than in a baby in cradle hold.
6.Bowel movements of otherwise healthy exclusively breastfed infants can vary dramatically in colour and frequency and can not be used as an indicator of sufficient intake of breastmilk.

And last but not least, why on earth is an Abortion clinic offering advice on Breastfeeding??? If I wanted advice on abortion I would not consider going to a Lactation Consultant!!! Please stick to your are of expertise and do not add to the plethora of inconsistent, inaccurate information on breastfeeding on the internet."


Mary Siever said...

Good grief. An abortion clinic thinks they know anything about breastfeeding? Obviously not. Their points are ridiculous. As a mother who has been breastfeeding with no breaks for the last 11 years I can promise them that I know WAY more about proper breastfeeding than they do! I always nurse lying down, I sometimes hold my baby in the cradle position, but not always, my breasts constantly have milk (yeah as if they are ever empty) and oh yes...I will never take advice from an abortion clinic of all places! LOL Thanks for posting this :)

The Crunchy Lactavist - Normalize Breastfeeding said...

I don't think it is from an abortion clinic, pretty sure that just happens to be a text advertisement at the end of the article. But I could be wrong.

Jackie Darrington said...

There are some good tips here, but there's also some stuff I'm not sure about. I actually showed up on this blog while looking for nursing covers, but I think that I'd probably look for some credible sources before accepting everything that's on here.

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