Friday, January 22, 2010

Quotes from Haiti


“A woman who is breast-feeding is given a can of formula when cleanwater to mix it is unavailable and her baby needs the support of herimmune system more than ever,” Ms. Shaikh said.“Baby formula,” she said firmly, “does nothing for babies in the middle of a disaster and can even be fatal.”

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For now, a group of Dominican women are ensuring that the babies in the ward have adequate food.

"A lot of infant children have arrived at the hospital without their parents. They need mother’s milk to continue to live," said Dr. Quezada. "We currently have some Dominican mothers who have donated their milk to feed these infants. This is a gesture of a generosity and solidarity."

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Stacy said...

Move my heart to see this creature alive and well in this terrible earthquake that struck Haiti .. Strength to this town from here, hopefully soon you can buy viagra !