Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Breastfeeding vs. Organic Formula

Read this article, and tell me if you think it is for real.....


Breastfeeding vs. Organic infant formula
For years, breastfeeding has been the de-facto choice for millions of mothers worldwide. With formula always a viable option, many people have decided that breast feeding was the better choice, despite organic formulas offering the same benefits as breast milk for many your babies. There are several reasons for people picking natural feeding over formula feeding. Firstly, there’s the belief that breast feeding offers nutrients and minerals that formula feeding can’t offer. Secondly, many people stray away from using formula to feed their infants due to the possibility of contamination and resulting problems. Finally, for many mothers breast feeding is simply a natural part of raising an infant that seems unfortunate to miss. Certainly, natural breastfeeding is without any doubt the best option for babyfeeding.

While it’s difficult to refute the last point, there’s ample evidence supporting the importance and value of organic infant formula. Offering a diverse and important macro and micro-nutrient profile, organic baby formula is the perfect formula for your infant, and is free of pesticides and herbicides which can cause problems in development and infant health. With this wide nutrient profile on offer, there’s little reason to shy away from formula reading because of nutritional or health reasons. Today’s organic formulas offer every nutrient profile that breast feeding does, and come with added convenience and simplicity for many mothers.

Secondly, the possibility for contamination and ill-effects simply isn’t there with organic formulas. You’ve no doubt heard of the problems caused by infected milk and baby products in East Asia — products that can have serious effects on the growth and development of infants. By using organic infant formula, you minimize the risk of any contamination or pesticide problems. With no non-natural additives, organic infant formula is completely natural and safe for consumption, and has no risk of contamination, infection or hidden substances.

Still, for many mothers the choice is up to what feels natural and right. However, there’s also a moral implication in using organic formula. By spending your money on organic formula, you’re actively helping the organic farming community stay afloat, and keeping organic farming principles and ethics alive. However, it’s important to check if your baby formula is really 100% organic or not. While many baby formulas are quick to report that they’re all-natural, you need to take a look at the container to be certain of the authenticity. In order to meet a nutrient profile that’s more similar to breast milk, many manufacturers of organic formula are adding DHA and ARA omega acids to their formula.

That’s not a bad thing — it’s most certainly good from a nutritional standpoint. However, what’s alarming is the presence of foreign substances in this nutritionally altered formula. In many cases, the packaging of the organic formula can contain unnatural substances that could affect infants. Also, the products used to extract fatty acids for use in organic formula can affect the quality of the product, containing substances such as hexane and weak acids. However, you need to note that these substances are in very small quantities, often under 100 times the limits assigned and recommended by the FDA. From a health standpoint, organic infant formula is still vastly superior to other forms of baby formula.

As the decision to breast feed or formula feed is often very personal and non-nutritionally motivated, it’s important to weigh up what you feel is best for your infant. However, if you’re unsure of what option to take, it’s important to know that organic formula is there, offering an additive free, 100% organic alternative for any baby formulas available. It is also the best alternative for those who find themselves unable to breastfeed for any reason.

Update: To those who object to the views contained in this article (see the comments below), you might have misunderstood the author’s intention. Breastfeeding is always the best and first choice to feed your baby. If you’re unable to do breastfeeding, then ask a professional and choose the best organic formua available on the market. A good formula may offer most of the nutrients containted in breast milk and even some added benefits.


DrMomma said...

I'm glad you copied/posted this article before it was removed from the original posting site. Thank you for sharing.

And by the way -- there is nothing more 'organic' and natural than mother's milk. To artificially feed in ANY capacity is to do a life-long disservice to your child. For a company to slap the 'organic' title on a formula product and fool parents into thinking it is better is pathetic and NOT in the best interest of babies.

Instead, maybe we should put our $$ and resources toward the promotion of human milk for all human babies, the empowerment of mothers to be able to nurse their young, and ensuring those infants who cannot receive their own mother's milk do have access to human milk from another source. Why should any baby not be fed what they were born to eat?

JQ said...

Yes, I am glad I copied and pasted it, too! I went to re-read the comments less than an hour later, and it was gone!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Im sure it was real...That is, before the article was apparently removed BUT just because its real doesnt in any way imply that its worth anything more than the glitter thats been used on it to dress it up.

Sure, its good to support organic farming BUT not at the expense of doing right by babies and children and also not when the organic farming being done violates any human rights...

Its that simple...
The breast is best and always will be.

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It all depends on the mother's condition and her choice if she wants to give formula milk that is good for her baby.

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