Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Encouraging Teen Moms To Breastfeed

I had the priveledge of presenting a breast-feeding class to a small group of teen and pregnant moms at a local outreach school.

There was a wonderful group of pregnant moms, young moms with their babies, and even a teen dad! I was so happy to see him there! One of the moms had an 8-month old whom she was still breastfeeding, and one mom had a one-year old whom she had recently weaned. Very encouraging!

I brought my 16-month old baby with me, and unfortunately, he was not very agreeable. He was very fussy, didn't know what he wanted, and I had a difficult time speaking at times, because he was squirming and shrieking in my lap. Hope I didn't scare off the expectant moms, lol.

Here is a link with further information. Let's encourage our teen parents to breastfeed their babies!