Thursday, January 1, 2009

Facebook Controversy Resurfaces

15 months later........

Facebook is still deleting breastfeeding pictures. My fellow lactivist, Emma Kwasnica had her account closed and removed this morning for having breastfeeding photos posted.

Here is a link to the TIME online article,8599,1869128,00.html

And a link to the BBC radio interview I participated in

The number of facebook group "Hey Facebook, Breastfeeding is not obscene!(Official Petition to Facebook)" members has skyrocketed to over 107,000 in less than a week, and is still climbing every day. Here is the group, if you have not joined yet:


Chris Thomas said...

I'm a man and even I find it awful that you're not allowed to show those pictures to the world.

I'm very curious with the idea of breastfeeding and I've spoken with my girlfriend lots of times that I don't want my children to be bottle fed unless they are either too old and need weaning, or some medical complaint. I just find that people take the easy option and I think that hurts your relationship in the end, it's easier to stick a bottle in the mouth and leave it at that than use your own breasts with all th biting, chewing and other annoyances.

But then again I'm funny about childbirth as well, I am very against a c-section(or whatever) again, unless there is no alternative.

I'm a very natural person, nature is like that because it is, not because someone wrote down a set of guidelines. I think nowadays we are too quick to take an alternative that might seem easier than spend the time to do it as it was supposed to be done.

The longer we continue to be embarassed by seeing the naked body (and ergo breasts), the longer we will have this attitude that the naked body is a sexual object, which lets face it, is how most people view it, thats why the church pretty much banned showing anything but of it, cause of the mentality that showing anything more is a sexual act, so I guess shunning and being embarassed comes from those ages, where to breastfeed in public would be seen as a sexual act, not a natural one. I don't know whether I'm making the point very well or just blabbering, but I'm sure someone will make sense of it.

So please keep it up and never say bottle!

VV said...

I'm the parent of two girls who were breastfed, and I find it obscene that FB would be so prissy, ignorant, and immature to take this action against nursing photos. They ought to grow up already and move on from their absurdly Puritan ways. Perhaps they should adopt the policy of telling those who complain to get a life.

Unknown said...

Isn't this simply how the «politically correct» culture of US of A has become?

If a «child» sees a nipple or anything that can be related to sex, it will get damages for life, someone thinks. But TV violence, however, is no problem.

Let's all deny all our natural bodily functions, especially sex. Children must by any means not learn about sex! They ought to believe babies come with the stork (just like Santa with the Xmas presents).

OMG. I'm glad I don't bother to use Facebook. :-)

Chris Thomas said...

yeah, I think thats true, nowadays everything is so polarised that there are no shades of grey anymore.

personally when I was younger I can admit to having the aroused feeling when I saw breasts, but I think when you get older you mature and start to feel different about them.

when i see children breastfeeding now, I dont see the breast, jst the child, I guess it's what happens when you start to think the more about children. its a strange feeling though, it's like a warmth you get because you realise that someday one of them will be yours and you'll see your wife/partner breastfeeding your child. I dont know, I'm just a man, so I am not sure I can tell these feelings very well.

but do I get marks for trying?

Unknown said...

only in America,they pixel out nipples,axel frogs dick,kids I know were highly amused at this,are mens nipples obscene?

Pierrette said...

On january first i posted a breastfeeding picture; on january 3 it was featured in an article about facebook and breastfeeding; on january 4 facebook canceled my account.

I have no other reason why facebook should have canceled my account; I had no other "violations" and this was the only breastfeeding picture I had up.

Facebook sucks

Ben said...

Just something I noticed whilst browsing FB recently, try searching for the user River Red and look at his profile picture (Don't if you are easily offended!)

How can that pic still be there when they are removing pictures from such a natural moment?

Maureensk said...

Okay, why is the BBC link "not available at this time". I'm hope they haven't taken it down!!!

Anonymous said...

This is not the only account that got deleted this year, i have a friend whose account got removed in February, she was really very annoyed with this.

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Socialfuel said...

Let's all deny all our natural bodily functions, especially sex. Children must by any means not learn about sex! They ought to believe babies come with the stork

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Jaan said...

This is weird, but I think it's because of the woman's naked breast.. but yea, babies come from outter space and their moms eat them before letting them out.

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