Monday, October 18, 2010

Dr. Mercola Angers Fans by Promoting Infant Formula

By Lisa Russell
Published Oct 18, 2010
0diggsdigg Share Article Print Article Dr Mercola's natural-minded fan base is angry about his decision to market an artificial breastmilk product. His ethics are called into question.

Dr Joseph Mercola's Facebook Fan Page was buzzing with activity early on the morning of Monday, October 18, 2010. Some of his "fans," which (at 8am PST) number over 128,000, are angry with his decision to market a breastmilk substitute for infants.

The controversy has inspired women to speak out against his lack-of-a-position regarding male genital mutilation (routine infant circumcision) as well.

One former Mercola fan sums up the consensus of the objectors:

I have been a very vocal supporter of yours for YEARS. However, as a prominent lactivist & child health advocate with a large network here on Facebook, and having read this morning about your upcoming powdered infant formula to hit the market in a year's time, you should know that I will now be pulling my support for you entirely. That, coupled with your wishy-washy stance on infant genital cutting, makes it clear to all (or it should), that infant health is clearly NOT your concern; getting the lion's share of the formula market, however, is. If you truly cared about infant health, you'd inject some of your burgeoning fortune into *breastfeeding support* in your country, instead of adding to the detriment that ALL breastmilk substitutes have on infants who consume them. Disappointed beyond words in Montréal, -Emma KwasnicaDr Mercola's site has been publishing articles to educate his readers about the dangerous levels of Manganese in soy-based infant formula. In his article "Warning: Please Avoid Feeding This To Your Child" (10-18-10) he states that

children exposed to high concentrations of manganese in drinking water performed worse on tests of intellectual functioning than children with lower exposures.

and later, that:Studies on miners and steelworkers, for example, have shown that excessive exposure to manganese can cause manganese poisoning, Parkinson's disease, and Wilson's diseaseMercola points out that manganese exists in groundwater, and points out that some areas are now filtering manganese out of their water.

In third world countries, and areas where water contamination is likely, powdered infant formula can be deadly for babies. Polluted water, fed to infants, often results in deadly infections. The World Health organization works very hard to educate women in third world countries about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Mercola's article states that his company is "in the process of producing the finest infant formula on the market" Those 12 words were the impetus of outrage. Nakai Rupp, a former fan of Dr Mercola, questions his stance on male genital mutilation as well, stating:

I pulled my support of you earlier this year when I found out that you delete questions about circumcision from your page and you do not answer them. Which makes one think that you are possibly FOR infant genital mutilation. And now you are developing formula?! WOW! What a disgrace! If you can line your pockets at the expense of a baby's health, you do not deserve MY support. I will be spreading the word about you, so that others may see what you are truly about!! I am once again removing myself from ALL of your mailing lists.

Unable to find a specific statement regarding his stance on circumcision, an article from April of 2000 states that Mercola was "impressed with the evidence supporting circumcision" while another article on the site, written by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, listed circumcision as an event that can "Leave Behind an Unresolved Psycho-Emotional Conflict" which, if left unresolved, can create a significant bioelectrical disturbance in conflict-specific areas of the brain. The abnormal signals produce abnormal neuropeptides and abnormal electrical currents that reach the hypothalamus. From here, the signals travel in the autonomic nervous system to distinct target organs, which are - again - conflict specific"In other articles on the site, Mercola's readers can be seen sharing their circumcision stance and encouraging Dr Mercola to speak out, though he has not.


Warning: Please Avoid Feeding This to Your Child on

Circumcision Facts on

Applied Psycho-Neurobiology by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt on

Read more at Suite101: Dr Mercola Angers Fans by Promoting Infant Formula


Anonymous said...

It boggles my mind that some folks could even concieve of placing profit above the health of babies and/or children let alone do it...Pathetic.

angela said...

beutiful blog...pls visit mine and follower...thanks and god bless

Unknown said...

Breastfeeding is one of the nicest things in a mother's life. Great blog!

The Pelletier Family said...

It really bothers me how ignorant some people are. NOT EVERYONE CAN BREASTFEED !!!! While its the best choice and should be done over formula, a number of issues can prevent a woman from breastfeeding - including PCOS, the number one cause of infertility. I have PCOS and have always struggled to produce enough for my babies. I always have to supplement, thankfully I found a Goats Milk powder I use now, but before, I had to use formula -- otherwise they were hungry all the time.

I agree, formula is bad, but if one can't breastfeed what else are they do to? Let their child starve? Stop being so judgmental to those who feed formula.....maybe they don't have enough milk to satisfy the baby, or maybe they can't produce any at all.

Coupon Clipping Katy said...

I mean this not to come across as harsh, but with love. Unfortunately not all of us mothers could breast feed. My baby and I struggled with this for months while she lost weight. We finally figured out that she had a milk protein allergy and to go on a prescription formula. While the majority of mothers are blessed to be able to successfully breastfeed others are not able. And for those of us, formula is the only choice. In addition, adopted children need nutrition. Formula is that option. Not all things are only good are bad, sometimes there are shades of grey. God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

To those of you who are unable to breast feed...

I feel bad for you BUT theres no sense in yall comming on some person's blog about breast feeding and taking your frustrations out on them.
You might wanna know that one of the major reasons why breast feeding is "pushed" so hard is because of the formula companies such as nestle pushing formula just as hard if not harder.
If you cant breast feed then theres nothing wrong with using formula although youll want to make sure its 100% safe to use.
Whether you can breast feed or not...Breast is best and should be touted as such

Anonymous said...

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I will be avoiding your products.

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Anonymous said...

It's great to see that moms are still promoting breastfeeding. Many new moms don't realize the benefits!

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Rational νεόφυτος said...

Very uncharacteristic of Mercola...

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